contradoubleinglesDiscovered in 1988, Jean-Pierre Malet’s scientific theory concerning the doubling of space and time allows the affirmation that we all have a double. Imperceptible, but nonetheless real, this other I can guide us in each moment providing that we know how to establish a constructive relationship with him.

By knowing some elementary principles of the doubling law, it is in fact possible to enter into contact with him so as to reap the benefits of his counsel. This is carried out through our dreams, intuitions and foresight and the diverse signs that are information exchanges amongst him, our future and ourselves.

It is thanks to our double that we can become clairvoyant and change our future through the imperceptible time openings.

It is this law and its application that has been discovered by Aurelian, a boy of ten. Faced with a large problem and stunned by his parents’ lack of understanding, he doesn’t doubt the existence of this double but asks the crucial question: My double…how does it work?

This is the answer that we have given to Aurelian who is the object of this book. Reading it you will, like him, discover the facility with which it is possible to find a daily balance and overall, the purpose of our lives.