change your futur contraportadaCHANGE YOUR FUTURE through the Time Openings is not a utopia. If on a walking journey, overwhelmed by the heat, you came upon a cool stream of water, you would empty the warmish content of your canteen and refill it to quench your thirst. In the same way, you should empty your memory of all that you have learned to start off again from new foundations which you will find both surprising and necessary.

In fact, by up-ending dogmas, assumptions, received and pre-conceived ideas, this book presents you with a revolutionary discovery concerning the past, the present and the future, which will bring about a complete re-assessment of your way of approaching life. By making use of it within your daily life, you will be able to quickly re-find your balance, individually, physically, psychically, as well as within your family or professional life.

Through immediate and spectacular applications, it is quickly possible to put these affirmations to the test: re-establishing a lost balance by controlling the past and the future is as easy asgetting ourselves into difficult and even impossible situations or making ourselves ill due to our own